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I Am Promise

I am the clay molded by the Potter
In His hidden chamber did He fashion me
In secret did He mold me
In a cave did He feed me with the bread of the Word
From the water of life did I drink
With the wine of the Spirit was I filled
I am the promise sculpted

Myrrh has embalmed my stride and purged my reins
Frankincense fragrance my praise
The refreshing aroma of cinnamon, cane, cassia are pressed into my worship
Stripped, shaken, pressed and crushed oils of the olive anoints my voice
I am sweet Cassia
The declarer of His peace

I am the sword forged in the fire of trials
Under the pressure of tests was I sharpened
I am God’s instrument of death to sickness, disease,
poverty, lack, fears, hatred, murder, confusion, lies, rumours,
self-mutilation, suicide, violence, addictions, abuse,
Gossip, slander, accusations and so much more
Weapon of mass destruction – to the Kingdom of darkness

On my knees do I drive them out
With tears staining my face
On my knees do I blow the trumpet
With groaning echoing my, your pain
With shouts do I break down these walls
With praise do I lay waste these foundations
I am the sound of God’s Kingdom here on earth

I am a future unfolding
I am a dream taking root
I am potential bursting forth
I am a promise revealed

I am the fire of His passion
The heart of the Father
The revelation of the Son’s sacrifice
The fire of the Holy Spirit burning bright before mankind

I am His promise fulfilled
So are you…

Let’s shine our light

The Story Behind the Poem

The Lord gave me this poem shortly after waking on Sunday October 23, 2016.

Immediately, after waking I closed my eyes and acknowledged the Lord. As I spoke His praises I saw a vision of a dark cloud with lightning, thunder and fire. The fire was alive and moved in waves over the cloud. I was awestruck and terrified! My eyes quickly opened. Just then my brain received the message. God had just showed me His shekinah glory. I felt like a fool. “How could you cut the vision so short?” I asked myself.

I wanted to see more. So I closed my eyes and asked God to show me His glory again. The response was immediate. I saw the glory cloud again.

But my question remained. “Why did He show me His glory?” In response. I knew the vision was to remind me that I was being sent with a message to the church. The previous day (Saturday) I saw myself delivering His word during service.

How Did I Get Here?

On Saturday I had written a very simple poem for children. An hour before going to bed I felt lead to expand it for adults. As soon I woke on Sunday and acknowledged the Lord the poem begun unfolding.

This was the reason for time at the church. Six weeks ago I was walking to the library 5 miles from home. As I walked I became curious. I wanted to see what lay along on other streets. I took a very circuitous route towards the library and passed a church. The name grabbed my attention. It was lengthy but it made a bold declaration. I was immediately captivated by it. It aroused my curiosity and desire. The name alone signaled that their should be an ongoing manifestation of the power of God here. Yet it did not register in my spirit. I did not feel or hear a response from the Holy Spirit. I made a mental note to visit in the future and continued on my journey.

The following morning, during morning prayer the Lord told me to go to the church. The Holy Spirit reminded me of the service start time and told me not to be late. I was also told that they conduct Sunday School one hour before the service.

I chose to only attend the service. I was told to simply attend and not to make any announcement of my title or ministry. I went there and dressed casually, in a jeans and t-shirt. I was a bit disappointed to know that the initial response to my presence was less than lukewarm. I was looked on with curiosity, not love.

The next Sunday when I appeared in a suit. I was warmly greeted and the microphone passed to me to introduce myself. I never mentioned a title. I simply spoke passionately about the Lord. As I spoke I saw frowns changed to smiles. Hearts were opened to receive me. Well not me…perhaps something else I possessed.

God granted me favor with them. Every week I was used to do a little more. I simply went when I was told. I did not understand why I was sent. On the sixth week the poem came prophetically in answer to the Pastor’s time in the prayer closet, very early in the morning.

The Unfolding of the Word

It came at first as just bits of lines. There was no order or structure. Sometimes I felt lead to research some areas. As I completed the research a paragraph came. Then another line came. There were lines upon lines. A little here. A little there. Until finally It was finalized at mid day.

It was a response to the heartfelt cry of His servant. After the poem was read, the Lord provided further clarity through a word of knowledge and prophesy to His servant. It was a confirmation that the Lord had indeed heard and answered the cries made in the secret chamber.

Be Encouraged

I want you to hear me. And hear me clearly. We serve a real and living God. He will answer your prayers. If you call on the name of Jesus you will not be put to shame. He will answer your cry. Simply have faith. Never loose hope. Continue to call on the name of Jesus.

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