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The goddess Diana Rises | Prophecy

The Jewish Post reports that the UN has named a cartoon character as an honorary Ambassador. You heard right, Wonder Woman, the Detective Comics (DC) character has been appointed a honorary UN Ambassador.

The appointment has been met with mix reactions. Many have praised the move. She is the epitome of female power. She is smart, beautiful, powerful and kind. A woman who literally fights for gender equality, peace and justice. An ideal for young girls to model. On the other hand, she is deemed unworthy of the choice because of her attire. It is seen as being too revealing and her body proportions are unnatural. The Jewish Post also reports that the adverse reactions included protests; even by a small group of UN employees.

Now these are all natural reactions that seem insignificant. What’s the big deal? She is not real. Madea is real. She is just a caricature of an ideal. No one takes the comics seriously. This may be your opinion but please hear me out. There are serious spiritual implications for this move.

Why am I saying this? On Wednesday October 12, 2016 the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur), the Lord called me to a day of prayer. Everything was done as the Holy Spirit lead us. I had not observed this day before and had limited knowledge about this Holy Day. Intercession was done for sins of the nation against God, as we prayed. At the end of this observance the Lord showed me several visions.

Two were given in the form of cartoons. In the first cartoon, I was on a planet that a woman purchased. She was of regular height, mean-spirited and had a bony unattractive face. Her hair was black. Her voice was callous. There was no love in her heart, only hatred. All her desires were evil. She wanted to punish all her enemies. She purchased a planet inhabited by many nations. It resembled the earth. Immediately as she obtained the planet she declared war against her enemies. Landmines were set on every land mass. One had to walk very carefully to not trigger an explosion. Many people failed and were killed by the explosions. Christians were targeted and handled with extreme hostility.

Then I was shifted to another dream. In this dream Captain American and the Hulk were at war. Other avengers were battling each other. Civil war was declared throughout the land. I watched as the heroes battled each other. 

Understanding Given

When I woke the Lord informed me that the woman who purchased the land is the Greek goddess Diana. She will be given power over the earth. Every nation will worship her. War will be declared in her name. Woman will look to her as a beacon of hope and strength. Christians will be targeted. Their observance of the Word of God will be deemed contradictory to her ideals. There will be greater efforts to silence the church. War will be waged against groups that suppress the rights of women. It will be worldwide.

A consequence of this will be civil war inside the United States of America. The patriot – Captain America – is symbolic of the country. The hulk is the spirit of rage and violence that will be in the land. There will be more riots, protests, racial violence, etc in the land. Attacks will also occur from persons recruited by ISIS. Public transportation will not be immune to the attacks and violence.

I was also given a sign of the rise of this demon. The movie will be one of the top box office movies of the coming year. Women will sing the praise of Diana of Themyscira. The champion and modern embodiment of the goddess.

Ray of Hope

Please understand! When there is an increase of darkness upon the land, we must focus our eyes on Jesus. It is a signal that God is about to do something big. I am not saying it is time for the rapture. No one knows when that will be. One thing we do know God is not finished with mankind as yet.

Why? His bride is not yet perfected. He is coming back for a perfect bride. There is still much work that He has to do to perfect her.

When there is an increase of darkness it means God is about to pour out a glory upon this earth that we have never seen before.  Get ready! The Messiah came in an area of Nazareth that was the slums of Israel. It was so bad, Nathaniel asked “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” (John 1:46b). Look up for:

The people who sat in darkness have seen a great light, 
And upon those who sat in the region and shadow of death light has dawned.

Matthew 4:16 (NKJV)

God is about to show His glory like no other time. Keep focused on Him. Jesus has never failed.

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