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Preachers of LA: Pastor Jay Haizlip, The issue of Christians getting Tattoos

Revealing the Christian Life Ministry

In Preachers of LA: Season 1, Episode 6 – Staying True to You, Pastor Jay Haizlip had us thinking about a pastor-jay-haizliplong time controversial issue – tattoos and Christians. Certainly, off the bat I agree its an old mindset. Nonetheless, I want to be biblical and correct. Wayne Chaney‘s wife, Myesha, had a very pressing view; you don’t want to offend and affect your church ministry. This issue does not affect Pastor Haizlip because majority of his congregation have tattooes and that his the social sphere of which he is from.

But as it relates to Pastor Chaney, his congregation is a bit more traditional; in the coming months how are they gonna reflect on the fact that their lead pastor wanted to get a tattoo? Will this affect his ministry? his believers? What does the bible say about tattoos and Christians getting them? Does He really…

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