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God of Controversy

“I am not averse to controversy. I use these situations to prove that I am God. And to shake the tradition of man.”

This was the beginning of a conversation that I was not prepared to have with the great I AM. Once again, the Lord was preparing me for another test. The implication of what was said made me dread the walk that I would be required to undertake. You see my journey, as a Prophet, as not been the usual. God has used a variety of situations to train me. It as caused my family, colleges, church and friends to doubt my relationship and commitment to the Lord. I realised this current assignment would be no different. In fact, it would be worst. I was about to undergo the greatest controversy in my life!

On October 7, 2015 I left home to complete an errand. The day was bright and sunny. A perfect day for exercising! So I decided to take the 1.5 mile trek to my destination. As I walked I reflected on my current situation.

I was initially very happy with my current progress. However, many doubts still lingered. I was uncertain if I would successfully pass this test. God was using the situation to teach me mastery over the desires of my flesh but I was uncertain about my ability to succeed.

“What will people think?” I pondered.

It was bad enough that everyone who knew me thought that I had gone crazy. Most could not understand why I had forsaken every thing to follow Jesus Christ. Now I was to undergo one of the greatest controversy during my walk with Him.

In that moment, the voice of the Lord interrupted my reverie.

“Do not worry. I am able to carry you through any situation. I will cause you to triumph but you must go through this process. It will allow you to overcome the desires of your flesh and the pressures of public opinion.” 

He then begun to educate me on numerous controversy that He had placed his prophets in:

“You read about Elijah and his visit to the widow woman of Zarephath and her son (1 Kings 17:7-16). Many churches preach about it but very few stop to examine the controversy. What you do not know is the controversy that he endured as he lived with her. He did not just eat the meal. Pronounce the blessing and move on. He stayed with her for a very long time. Even in a heathen nation, it was not customary for a man to live with a woman unless they are married. Any act like that would cause people to think that they were living as a couple. It would be talked about. When he went in to her home, He was viewed as her suitor. It was rumored throughout the town. Many questioned if he was a holy man. A true man of God from Israel. They heard and witnessed the miracle. Many benefited but few accepted that he was a man of God. Yet the most important thing was accomplished, the miracle turned the woman of zarephath to My worship. Through her testimony other lives were saved.

The conception of My son was with great controversy. Mary’s life was endangered. Yet it was for a greater purpose. It ensured that most Pharisees and the people, that knew him from birth, did not receive his message. Whenever they saw him they only saw a sinner. A boy conceived from a sinful relationship. Mary gave birth to him very shortly after the wedding. In their mind, that was evidence that his father and mother fornicated before their wedding day. Everywhere He went He was reminded of this perception. Yet He did not allow it to hinder his work.

Paul, was never accepted by many of the Jewish believers. Had he remained among them some would have betrayed him. His prior reputation as a Pharisee and persecutor of Christians caused him to be isolated and rejected by many of his people. Even in his initial mistakes I was pushing him towards the work that would be done with the gentiles. 

I am in control of the situation. I will turn it around for good. Do not fear to go where ever I send since you. Do whatever I command you. Without fear. It shall be well. This will deliver you from the fear of public opinion.”


Since October 2011, I have depended on the Lord for my daily bread. When He told me that I must live at the home of my girlfriend. I was not happy. I dreaded my ability to control my flesh. Worst I dreaded the backlash from others. I knew what the initial response would be. Some of my fears have since been realised, most church leaders have silently written me off. It has also resulted in my being ‘benched’ (excluded from some activities at church).

At the start of the process God gave me the key for overcoming my flesh. Complete reliance on Him was necessary. Completely surrendering to His will was not easy. However, He’s been faithful to His word. He’s kept us both. We have experienced spiritual growth and seen many areas of our life turned around. I have seen God slowly restoring everything that was lost. Most importantly, I have been emboldened to do whatever He tells me.

The process humbled me and taught me patience. When the Lord started processing me. I became self-centered and impatient. I was constantly being made to endure hardship. It made me quick to write off some people. I was contented to give the prophetic word and quickly move along. Not so anymore! I now carry a burden to see God’s resurrection power bring restoration to others.

If God is asking you to take a leap of faith for Him. Do it! He will keep you if you completely rely on Him. Reliance on Him requires that you make Him Lord over your life. Receive your daily nourishment for your journey by spending time in His presence by meditating on Scriptures, prayer, fasting and being obedient.

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