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I Receive It

“I Receive It!”

The words gushed forth with enthusiasm. The speakers delight could not be hid. It was reflected in the glow of his face; the sparkle in his eyes; the wide grin on his face. His joy was evident.

“Thank God for what He has done” I uttered quickly and moved away.

I have repeatedly heard these words from Saints. This time the words resonated much deeper, in my spirit, than ever. There was a chill that accompanied the words. It attempted to enter my soul. It knocked on the doors of my heart but was immediately rejected. The ‘no entry’ sign up.

Do not misunderstand me. I was overjoyed for him. God was about to do great things for his household. However, I chose to reserve my emotions. I understood that I could not be moved by his response to the word. There was a genuine desire to assure me that the words were received with joy. He meant well but I had long reasoned that it is perilous to be influenced by the response of the saints when God releases a Word.

Warnings Are Not Welcome

Most people receive prophesies without reservation. Seldom is a warning received.

I have been lead many times to speak a word of rebuke, correction or warning. These are seldom accepted with gratitude. In most instances the initial reaction as been to vilify me. I have even been thrown out of ministries for speaking what God has said.

Initially it was painful to receive these reactions but time, meditation on the Word of God and the Holy Spirit has thought me to forgive my prosecutors. Sometimes I’ve had to withdraw because there may be bodily harm. Jeremiah faced this when he was sent repeatedly to speak the judgments of the Lord against Israel. God told him to not be moved by their faces, or else He God would confuse him before them (Jeremiah 1:17-19).

If we allow ourselves to allured by the assurance of others then we will not be ready for prosecution when it comes. We must be careful when delivering a prophetic word. The same people who praise you today will tear you down in an instance (Acts 14:8-20).

We are in a period when there is great falling away from the church. Many refuse to heed sound doctrine. God will raise up more prophets to warn the people. The prophets must be ready to release the Word and move on.

Every prophetic word must be tested (1 John 4:1-5). It is the right of a hearer to do so. However, they must understand that there are some words from a prophet that are not dependent on whether you accept it or not (Deuteronomy 29:29;Jeremiah 1:12; Jeremiah 31:28). The sovereign will of God must be established and there is no arguments for or against it. Just recently, a fellow minister confessed that he received a prophesy from a Pastor many years ago that he rejected outright. What was spoken was absurd. It was counter to his current reality.  A few years later the Lord upended his life. Failure to heed the Word almost cost him his life. He was brought to death’s door and back before the prophesy was fulfilled.

Judging the Prophesy

The words ought to be a confirmation of what God has said to you. I am not talking about what was said by someone else. That may very well be valid but saints must cultivate a relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. It is imperative that you learn to hear the voice of God for yourself. And build a relationship with Him.

This will ensure that you are aware of His will for your life. If the prophesy is not in agreement with the will of the Lord for your life it must be rejected. If there is any uncertainty about the Word, do not hesitate to present it to the Lord. He will advise you to accept or reject it.

It is also imperative that we understand scripture. The Word must also be in agreement with the Word of God!



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