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The Finest Hour | Prophecy

Happy New Year people of God!

This is a year of release. God is shifting ministries to release the blessings that have been locked up for years. Many ministries will see a shift to the realm of working in miracles. Those that have seen a trickle of the supernatural will see a constant working of miracles and healing in their ministry. The Lord is also restoring the dimension of kings to the church. We have Priest and Prophets but we have been lacking in Kings. Kings are necessary to lead the people back to God. Kings burn down the high altars that have been built to strange gods and call the people back to true worship of the Most High God. God will shift many persons into their destiny to position them to reign as kings.

Some are being processed now. God has stripped away every thing you own. But He’s about to cause restoration. It will be a supernatural restoration. Very rapid! To receive what God has you must stay in His presence. You must surrender to Him and allow Him to complete the work that He has started. Do not complain about the process. Be thankful for His guidance. Learn the lessons quickly. Do not repeat the cycles. God says if you miss what He is doing now you will have to wait until the next Jubilee cycle.

There will be many battles for the people of God. At times there will be no rest. Every area will be under attack. You must learn to wage war. To be constantly in prayer and fasting but God will release you with power. Not a fresh anointing. He’s about to bring out what He’s built up in you over the years. The work that was hidden is about to be revealed to the World.

This is the finest hour for many saints. The Body of Christ will experience a major shift in ministries. Seeker friendly movements will be closed down. The simplicity of the grace messages will be exposed. People will wake up to the reality of the fact that it does not feed their soul. It weakens them spiritually. The Lord will begin showing those who have a true hunger for Him that their souls are in danger of hell fire. Pastors will be disgraced publicly. The House of God will be cleansed. Order will be established.

There will be a major shift in the United States election campaign. The forerunner will be known. There will emerge three very strong contenders for the Presidency. It shall not be the time for one Candidate. Marco Rubio will seem to be the one to win. However, it is not his time. He must wait. He is the next President of the United States of America, after Hilary Clinton’s two terms ends. He is Jehoash (2 Kings 11-12).

This is the word of the Lord for His people. As He just gave me, today January 6, 2016.

Photo credit: Image from Pixabay by XuuXuu

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