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The Sun Rises in the East | Prophecy

This is a prophesy for the Philippines.

Thus says the Lord God, Creator of Heaven and Earth. I will prosper My people. I will lift them out of poverty. Years of oppression will be forgotten. I will pour out the riches of heaven upon My people. I will cause you to walk in abundance. I will give unto you the treasures of the deep. You shall be a great nation. I will bring to past all that I have spoken for you. Now is the time of release. Now will I establish you. I will establish the reign of righteous Kings in your borders. I will shield you from your foes. I will rain down judgement upon them. Corruption shall be exposed. There is a turning that is coming for you. I favour you. I will establish you.

This prophesy was given on Wednesday, December 30, 2015.

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