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Letter to Santa Claus

Dear Santa,

Please do not come down my chimney this Christmas. Actually please don’t ever come down it again. If you have done so in the past, I apologise for allowing your entry. My ignorance will not be repeated.

It is important that my children be taught the truth of God’s word. You bring presents. You have a jolly laughter.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!”

It actually sounds scary. Even though I am older there is something extremely creepy about your laugh.

Who laughs like that?

Your clothes are bright red and white to ensure you can clearly be seen in the night sky and everywhere you scurry about but I do not want it’s stain on my home. You see, to look to you for presents distracts from Jesus Christ. My kids must never look to you. They must never see you as a mythological god that will grant their desires if they simply play nice. It is great that they are encouraged to be nice but not all that is nice is of God. They must learn how to genuinely love and care for others, without seeking a reward for an act of kindness. Their right hand must not know what their left hand does (Matthew 6:1-4). I desire that they learn to seek their reward from the Lord. I will teach them the importance of being an expression of His love and mercy towards others; how it may be done from the heart.

Please do not bring your helpers around. I speak about the flying raindeers, little elves or krampus or Black Pete. Magic is not accepted in our home. Witchcraft in any color or form – white, grey, black, yellow or red magic – is not tolerated. By the blood of Jesus we will shut down its working. We will take control of the air and by the power of the name of Jesus, shut down your sleigh. It will fall from the sky. You and every helper will be bound and sent back to hell!

Please stay in the North Pole or anywhere else you call home. This Christmas will not be fun for you in our home. No egg nog and biscuits will be left for you. Please turn your eyes as you attempt to come in our territory. We take control of the air to declare it a safe haven for the people of God. We declare liberty from your lies.

Please have a jolly season elsewhere.

Your ‘ex-friend’

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