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Isis Dies

You have hounded My people and have slaughtered them. You have been contented to drink their blood.  You have mocked and scourged them. I have not been silent to their cries. Your reign of terror shall come to an end. I will cut off your tentacles. I will destroy your head. You shall be put on display for all to know that I am God. I am justice, power and might. You slaughter for fun but your iniquities shall be visited upon you.

Though you are exalted. You shall be brought down low. You shall be a mockery before men. They shall marvel at how you have been humbled. The blood of my people shall be avenged. You shall be scattered on the mountainside. None shall escape my wrath. You shall be no more.

A woman shall crush your head. She shall destroy your reign of terror. She shall hound you. You will flee but there will be no resting place for you. I have given you into her hands for slaughter.

The woman shall be President Hillary Clinton. She shall be in office for two terms. She shall not spare but shall be brutal in her pursuit.

This is the judgement of the Lord regarding ISIS, given today December 14, 2015.

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