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Reign of the Righteous

The Lord has now permitted me to release this prophesy I received on Sunday August 22, 2015.  This is what the Lord Jesus says:

I shall rain down judgement on the inhabitants of this land. There is a turning away from my statutes and my laws. I will not prosper this country anymore. I will shift my blessings from them.

There is coming periods of great famine. Pestilence shall be in their midst. Yet the righteous shall flourish. They shall know that there is a difference between my people and the house of iniquity.  My people shall dwell in peace. They shall prosper in the midst of prosecution. They shall flourish like the bay tree. There branches shall not wither. Everything they do shall yield fruit.

I will grant them favor among the wicked. They shall build unto me a great kingdom for my worship. There shall not be an industry that is not touched by my presence. My people shall have pre-eminence among the peoples.

I shall make them rulers in the land. All shall see and know that they are called by my name and are blessed by Me.

The transfer shall be the sign. I will grant favour unto them. They shall not be denied.

I will put the fear of them upon the peoples of the earth.



Image by Siggy Nowak {link at Pixabay}

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