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In the Waiting Room

She sat silently watching everyone around her.  Time had blurred.  The round face of the clock on the wall before her smiled back at her.  Its ticking sound was lost in her reverie.  Her focus was on everything that was happening.

There was constant movement in the waiting room.  Human traffic was high.  There was constant movement.  Some walked on crutches.  Others used wheelchairs.  Those with vision impairment were being assisted to move.  Some were carried on gurneys.

The similarity between the patients became apparent to Lois.  There were racial, economic, educational, social, geographical and many other differences.  However, they were all united by their need.  All were desperate for help.  They had come to the waiting room to receive help.

The names were called.  Each patient went up to the attendants at the window.  The warmth of the receptionists smile permeated the atmosphere.  The sincerity of their desire to help was evident.  Each person was treated with the utmost care.  Careful attention was given to ensure that each person’s issues were understood and dealt with.  Some received answers immediately.  Others were called to provide further assistance.

As Lois watched, she was awed at the efficiency and effectiveness of the service given to teach person.  Vast number of people came in constantly for treatment. Still things moved quickly.  The attendants did not seem to tire.

Things became chaotic at times. It never bothered the attendants.  As she watched, in a few minutes everything was back to normal.

She sat on an admiral blue plastic chair in a corner of the waiting room.  Her attention changed from the scenes unfolding around her.  It went inwards.  One sobering fact jolted her.  She had been sitting in the emergency waiting room a very long time.  She had not signaled her need for help to anyone.  No one noticed.  Sometimes the receptionist or orderlies looked directly at her but they never asked her a question.  They may have assumed that she was with someone else.

“Hhhhmmm!” She grimaced.

The pain racked her body.  It was a sharp reminder that she needed help.  It was needed fast!  If she did not speak up quickly, it will be fatal for her.  Her face contorted.  The spasms were coming faster and faster now.  It became difficult to breath.  Her heart started racing.  She attempted to move towards the receptionist.  Her body could not respond.  It was too late.  She had forgotten that she was in a race against time.

The character in the story above is entirely fictional.  But the situation is real.  It happens every day.  Many times we treat God like this patient?  We are desperate for change in an area of our life but we do not cry out for help.  We do not move towards Him so that we can receive what He has for us.

If this is your situation?  Change your focus.  God is able to turn around any situation.  No matter how dire it seemed.

Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.     – Jeremiah 33:3




Credit:   Image by Valeria Rodrigues {link at}

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