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New Dawn

“Am I hearing correctly?  Is it real?  How long has it been since I heard those sounds?” I pondered.

I could not stand it any longer.  I needed confirmation.  I drew the sheets off me and made my way to the window.  As I briskly walked to the window, sunlight sauntered in to greet me.  My heart skipped an extra beat in anticipation.  The blinds were quickly removed.

“Was it my imagination?  No it wasn’t.  There they were!”

Two blue-grey gnatcatchers were darting between the branches of a nearby hickory tree. I breathed a sigh of relief.

It was a welcomed sign of the impending closure of a cold winter. The trees also gave their sign that it was over.  Leaves were sprouting.  It warmed my heart. As a Jamaican, I am used to most days being bright and sunny, with temperatures in the mid to high 90s. Experiencing the bite of winter brought little joy sometimes.

The birds were a good sign.  For a moment, I was fixated by their playfulness.  Then I begun to reflect on the seasons.  I was beginning to like the different seasons.  It was reminiscent of a cycle of hope. It testified that God’s promises will be fulfilled no matter how things seem.

In my opinion, Winter is death. The trees shed every leaf. The sky is overcast almost every day. Gone are the azure skies and sound and sight of wildlife.  On most days, only dull thick grey clouds cover the canopy of the sky.  Sunlight does not give its strength. It gives no warmth. The air is frigid.  Rain and snow become welcomed friends.  Just a little snow fall or lots of rainfall is a guarantee that the temperature will rise the following day.

Even a small increase in the temperature, is a promise that you only need to persevere.  One day it will all change for the better.  One day you will look outside and notice that everything has changed.  Life has returned to every dead thing.  It is a great reason to smile and rejoice.  Once again, sunlight has sent the darkness into hiding.

As I watched the birds a few lines from Bob Marley’s song, “Three Little Birds”, came to my mind.

“Rise up this morning. Smile with the rising sun.  Three little birds sit by my doorstep, singin’ sweet songs of melody pure and true. Singin’ sweet songs of melodies pure and true, sayin’, (“this is my message to you-ou-ou”). Singin’: “don’t worry about a thing ’cause every little thing is gonna be all right!”

A broad smile crept across my face.  My heart was warmed.  My being was filled with renewed hope. The small changes I observed reminded me that no matter how dark things seem there will always be change. God will always make a way.  I was caught up in the reverie of the moment.  Then I started meditating on the significance and promise of Romans 8:28 “We know that  all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.”

Imagine by Breno Machado via Unsplash {link to}

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