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The Axis Turns | Prophecy

The Axis Turns - LatterDay Prophesy

The axis is changing.

The Lord will pour out His glory upon countries that have been neglected and have been looked down on as the least in their regions.  Out of the Caribbean shall come powerful chosen vessels.  These shall come from the countries that are crime riddled, where they are despised in the sight of their brothers and sisters.

Countries such as Jamaica, Grenada, Haiti and Guyana.  The despised and lowly shall give forth her prophets.  They shall be sons and daughters that walk in the glory and power of the Most High God.  They shall have the power to command the heavens to be shut up and be opened over regions and territories.  With their words climates shall shift.

They will walk with the full glory of the Holy Spirit.  The economies of these countries shall also experience a turnaround as the nation comes under full submission to God.

The people shall see the signs and wonders worked in their midst like never before.  They shall know that I God have sent them.  For they shall preach my word and great signs shall confirm that I am with them.  They shall not seek their glory but shall seek to give all glory and honour to me.

I shall give them influence with the Leaders of the land.  They shall speak my word to the leaders and shall change the course of history in these countries.

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