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War in the United States of America | Prophecy

War in America

On Tuesday, March 3, 2015 at 10:16 PM the Lord gave me this vision.

I saw, a large polished bronze byzantine statue, of a man. Its hands were at its side.  It was approximately 20 feet tall and 4 to 5 feet wide.  The right leg was anchored in the base of a black obsidian mountain.

Below it was a very narrow single lane asphalt road.  The road ran between its legs.  All vehicles had to drive under the statue to reach their destination. To the left of the road was a sand walkway. There was a one footed stonewall at the edge of the walkway. Beyond the stonewall was the sea.

The right leg of the statue was ablaze. The fire went up in the air, to the height of the statue’s waist, but did not touch the statue. Its right leg was separated from the mountain, as it was topple on its left side and fell head first in the sea.

Then a military jet fell from the sky. The cockpit glass was shattered by bullets.  It also fell in the water. Then planes overhead released several bombs. Bombs rained down from the sky. Some fell in the sea but others fell on the ground. Buildings started falling down.

This is war that has been unleashed upon the land.

As I recorded this vision, the Word of the Lord came unto me saying,

“This is United States of America and the coming war that will visit her. The empire will fall in the years to come. War will be unleashed upon her shores. The fortified city will be breached both within and without. All her enemies will assemble against her.

The fight will be dreadful. Many will die. It will be the close of an era of greatness.

Power Shift

Another superpower will arise to take her place.

There will be a shift in world politics and power. Countries that have joined to form economic blocks will be fractured. The harmony between them will be threatened. They will no longer see the benefit of maintaining the trade blocks. Most will seek to align themselves with the new superpower. It comes from the East.

Its empire will be evil. Human rights will not be respected. It will be drunk with power and will revel in the fullness of power.

It’s desire will be to subdue all its enemies. It will war with many countries and will overcome them. Great nations will fall.

European Union Broken

A shadow will be cast over Europe. They will not be unaffected. The tenuous alliance between the nations of the European Union will be broken. Attempts to join against a common enemy will not stand. There will be too much mistrust and infighting between the countries by then. They will not be able to put these aside to unite against a common enemy before it is too late.

The Dragon Rises

The dragon rises in the East. Woe to the inhabitants of the earth!  Her fury shall be upon the land. Many will mourn and cry out in pain.

Photo credit:  The Colossus of Barletta, a bronze statue of a Roman emperor of the 4th-5th century, Anne Gautier,

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