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Warning | Great Waters in the East

Good day, the Lord spoke briefly to me last week about flooding that would happen in the East, on the day that I received the prophecy about Japan.  It was not until this morning that I received greater details about it.

This is the Word of the Lord to the people.  He who has an ear let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.  (Revelations 3: 22)

There will be great flooding in the East. Many countries will be inundated with water. Those that have not seen rain in a long, long time will experience flooding. They shall marvel and try to understand the geological reason for this phenomenon.

The reason is not found in science. It is found in the Almighty Creator of the Universe. The great I AM.

Before the world was formed I AM. I am He who laid and established the foundations of the earth. I spoke it and it was created.

I am shaking the foundation of this world. Everywhere shall know that I exist. The time of my coming is at hand.

Middle Eastern countries shall not escape the waters. It will also occur in India, Pakistan, Nepal, China, Iran, Iraq, United Arab Emirates and other countries.

It shall not occur during a wet season but a season in which the rains do not normally come.  You shall know that I AM.


When the Lord gave me the details of this prophecy this morning, I saw water covering everywhere.  The water was not moving.  It had already done it’s damage.  Houses, farms, people, etc were covered under the water.

The Lord Jesus Christ is calling the nations of the World to repent and turn to Him.  He is shaking them out of their comfort zones and warning them that their idols will not save them.

It is a time when we in Christendom have to fast and pray for these nations.

Please pray that the people will heed the warnings and repent, just as Nineveh did at the preaching of Jonah.


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    • Thanks, for stating this point. In this instance the Lord was not using symbols. He was being specific. I have gotten many dreams and visions where water represents the manifestation of the flow and power of the Holy Spirit. The Bible is a great source to seek interpretations but we also can and do receive the interpretation from the Holy Spirit. Most visions I receive are symbolic. Most times I am given the interpretation when I am reflecting on it. At other times, I am shown a vision of what is to come. However, the interpretation is not revealed until I have gone through the process. The dream /vision was merely to expose the secret will of God.


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