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Japan Shaken

The Lord gave this warning while I was in prayer this morning (December 15, 2014).

There will be a massive earthquake in Japan.  It will be in the capital city, Tokyo.  It will result in the death of many.  I have sent it to warn the nation that they must repent and acknowledge that there is a Sovereign God that exists over the affairs of man.

They will turn to their idol of wood, metal and stone but he will not answer.  He can neither see or hear.

Some worship Me.  They know Me.  I will spare My people but I will rain down destruction upon the idolaters.  Attempts will be made to rebuild but I will frustrate your efforts.  I will fight against you.

I will war against you until you turn from your ways and recognise that I am God.  Until you acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the sovereign Lord of All.

I am alpha and Omega.  The beginning and the end.  He who was, who is and is to come.  My coming is soon.  I will repay all men according to their deeds.  This is but a warning of the judgement that will fall upon the people, if they do not turn from their idolatrous ways.

I will repay every man according to His works.

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    • Thanks Tim for sharing this dream. The Lord will confirm his Word with multiple sources. There is always a witness. Thanks again. Let us keep the nation of Japan lifted up in prayer, that the heart of the people will turn to God.


    • Tony, I read your dream. Thanks for sharing it. I was asking the Lord when some of these prophesies will occur and He said, Noah warned for 150 years before the flood came. There was never seen anything like it before but he warned until he entered the ark and it was shut. So shall it be when the judgement of the Lord is visited on the people. When he appoints watchmen they must not hesitate to cry out. Otherwise the blood of the people will be on their shoulder. I encourage you to seek the Lord for greater details. But know that His coming is very, very close, so He is shaking the nations to cause them to repent and turn. Otherwise, His wrath will be felt. He is a God of mercy but He will visit judgement on those who do not do His will. Let us interceded for the nation. In Genesis 18:20-33 when God revealed what He would do to Sodom and Gomorrah Abraham interceded for them. Moses also interceded for the people when God said he would destroy them because of their idolatrous worship (Deuteronomy 9:13-14; Exodus 32:12-14). Again I request that intercession be done.


      • Amen Michael. Indeed we do need to pray for the people and nations that the Lord would lay on our hearts. May we sense the urgency for the need to do so..


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