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Oh Christmas Tree

“Let’s put up the Christmas tree.”

The voice was filled with excitement.

Having lived alone for many years, it was the first in at least 10 years since I had decorated a Christmas tree.  I had forgotten that it was a part of this seasonal activities.  Christmas for me had always been a time to reflect on the birth of Jesus and spend time with family and friends.

We grew up without money to afford presents. Even when I became an adult and could afford to purchase presents I did not participate in that activity. Very rarely did my siblings have a Christmas tree at their home. I gave no thought about it until now.

Oddly, I did not feel joy. I felt conflicted.

Since the Lord started revealing Himself to me, I have tried to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit before participating in any activity.  This was no different. I needed to know what was happening in me. A red light was flashing in my spirit. 

“Is this pleasing to the Lord?” I asked myself.

Having the tree pleased the children. They love seeing it. The presents at its base is always a joy to open. That is what I should be experiencing but that was not the case. The conflict in my soul made me curious about how the Lord Jesus felt about this? I love researching anything that interests me. This time I realised that despite the plethora of good Christian literature about the season my desire was to hear what my friend, the Holy Spirit, had to say about it.

This is what He said:

“It has become customary to keep a Christmas tree in almost every home; Christian or non-Christian.  Most Christians do not bother to determine if this custom is pleasing to Me.  They simply follow what others do.  In the spirit of celebrating the season.

They avoid the mention of Santa and are very keen to tell the children that I am the reason for the season.  However, they overlook the use of the Christmas tree.

As anyone stopped to ask why is it so important?   Does it have any relevance to the celebration of My birth?

Christians will use a star, angels and other ornaments that relate to the nativity.  The star, representing the star that led the wise men to where Jesus lived or the image of an angel may be placed on the top of the tree.

Santa Claus and the Christmas tree are distractions from the focus of the season.  Christmas is meant to be a remembrance of the reason Jesus came among men.  Angels celebrated this good news.  It marked the beginning of the fulfillment of God’s Word that He would redeem His people.  All nations of the earth.

The birth did not occur during this period and definitely did not occur on December 25.  However, if done unto God it will be accepted by Him.

All celebrations pointed to His coming and His redemptive work.  For example, the Passover.  Now that He came and sacrificed Himself we look to the second coming.

The tree in the Christmas season is a pagan earth worship.  The beauty of nature and creation is worshipped.  This has no lot or part with acknowledging that Jesus is Lord and Savior.

To gaze upon the tree in admiration and longing is to worship it and the created things in the heavens.  This is no different from the people who gathered to worship the golden image of Nebuchadnezzar (Daniel 3:1-7).  Do not be fooled by the subtle difference.  I said there must be no worship of things above, on or below the earth (Exodus 20:3-5).

I do not show My face because I do not desire that you worship the image of Me.  I desire that you seek Me and come to a relationship with Me; where worship comes from the heart.  Where you worship Me in Spirit and truth.  Then I will reveal myself to you (Revelation 3:20).

Participating in tree lighting ceremonies is not for My people.

Be ye separated.  Come out from among them.  Sing praises unto me.  Feast and bring my works into remembrance to your children but be ye separated.  Do not act as the world does.  In all things seek to give me glory.  Know my Words and act accordingly.”

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