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President Hillary Clinton

The Lord gave me this prophesy on October 20, 2014. After discussing the events that will mark the unfolding of this prophesy at His instructions I published it on November 3, 2014.  This is what the Lord said shall be for the USA elections:

In January 2017, Hillary Clinton will become the first female President of the United States of America.  Her ascension to power will cause many feminist groups to seize power.  They will embrace this as the golden era of female dominance.  Not only will it be seen as a shattering of the glass ceiling by women but it will be grasped as a door that has been opened for women to seize dominance.

The push will not be for equality, it will be for dominance.  More men will be encouraged to stay at home and allow their wife to take the lead role in providing for the home.  It will be a greater push for the effeminisation of the males.  It is an attack on the male seed by the power behind the throne.

This power shall be the demigod, the demon, Diana, goddess of the hunt.  The champion of perversion, lesbianism, rebellion and idolatry.

It shall stir up other interest groups to push for greater power and the silencing of the church in all public places.  There will be a push for a ban on christian preaching in all public spaces (parks, stadiums, national monuments, etc).  Civil liberty and freedom of expression for all will be used as the vehicle for pushing these agendas.

The groups will also push for the removal of prayer by Christian pastors at the Presidential inauguration.  The option given will be the allowance of all voices in this plural society; without allowing one religious group to dominate and have a greater presence than the others.

Presidents Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidency will occupy two terms in office.

I asked the Lord for further clarity about the events that will unfold and the implications for the body of believers.  This is part of what He said:

The battle is not with flesh and blood.  When men and women do not stand together Satan and his army as greater access to the earth realm.  Man is unable to exercise his dominance, as he is too distracted by other things.

Request to Believers

This is my request to the body of believers.

God encouraged the children of Israel to seek the peace of the city, where they would be sent into captivity and to pray to Him for it. I encourage you to always pray for your country’s leaders; at all level of government.

And seek the peace of the city where I have caused you to be carried away captive, and pray to the Lord for it; for in its peace you will have peace.

~ Jeremiah 29:7

Please also pray that this event does not come to past. When God reveals a bad future event He is giving us the opportunity to change it. With prayer’s of intercession for the nation of the United States of America the events will not come to past.



Picture courtesy of Unsplash

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