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Establishing Purpose


God is breaking tradition.  here will be Holy men and women, whose external appearance does not reflect the normal acceptable dressing. By their fruit shall they be known to be children of the Most High God.

“I am not concerned with tradition.  I am concerned with establishing My will in the earth realm. That is why man was told to be fruitful and multiply”, says the Lord of Hosts.

At creation the plan and purpose of God was already encoded into the DNA of man.  Adam had the mind of God (Philippians 2:5; John 5:17).  Therefore, each day he was about his Father’s business.  He was to produce after his kind sons and daughters who were also of the same mindset.  That is why we are commanded to instruct our sons and daughters in the fear and knowledge of the Lord (Deuteronomy 6:1-9; John 14:15; John 15:10,14-16).  We must teach them how to have relationship with Jesus (John 14:20-21, 23-26).

Man was created to serve God, with his whole heart.  Serving God is worship.  Sometimes during our worship we experience God in an supernatural way.  And we get fascinated with this event. In an attempt to reproduce the experience we try to re-enact all the activities.  We become like Peter on the Mount of Transfiguration, who having experience a magnificent vision of God, wanted to stay there and revel in the experience.  Jesus had to take him down from the mountain (Mark 9:2-9) to let Him realise that the supernatural was just meant to encourage Him, to seek for more from God. There were far greater experiences that was awaiting him as he performed the work of God; under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Had Peter stayed on the mountain he would have been stuck in a ritual or a tradition.

Whenever man got caught up with tradition and legalism, God would perform acts to remind them that every thing done for Him was about His purpose being established.  For example, “you shall not murder”, was one of the 10 instructions given to the children of Israel for right living by God.  Yet they were told to wipe out the enemies; even children were to be slaughtered during battle.  This was not mindless murder but done to ensure that the children of Israel inherit the land promised to them, dwelt in perfect peace and was not snared by the God’s of the previous inhabitants (Num 33:55-56; Josh 23:13; Deu 7:4,16).  The Sabbath day is another contentious example. No work was to be done on that day but the Priest worked before the Lord to redeem His people – offering sacrifices and prayers unto God.  The spiritual significance of the day which points to the importance of setting aside a day of worship and the eternal rest that God has for His people was lost in the legalism surrounding the observance of the day.  It also was a reminder of the importance of physical rest.

Jesus came and fulfilled the Law making it possible for man to worship on any day that He esteems to the Lord (Mark 2:27; Acts 15:28-29; Rom 14:4-6,17; Col 2:16-17; Gal 4:19-20).  He broke tradition.

People with tattoos and/or with very bad history are being called into the kingdom.  They will not be sanitized outwardly.  But what God has hallowed, let no man refuse.

These people will be used mightily as a reminder and testimony of God’s power to redeem fallen men.  He did it with Paul, the New Testaments greatest Apostle to the gentiles.  He did it with Peter.  He did it with  Mary Magdalene.  Seven devils were cast out of her.  Can you imagine her behaviour and appearance before Jesus freed her?  He did it with the Samaritan woman at the well.  The woman caught in adultery.  So shall He do it with a radical new set of generals that will emerge.

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