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Kingdom Builders

On Tuesday October 28, 2014 at 8:25 pm, I was in prayer when the Lord gave me this word for His people. This is what He says to you:

I am releasing true worshipers to build my Kingdom. They shall be a people after My heart that serve the body of Christ. I am releasing wealth for the work that will be done. No more will My people beg for donations or prostitute their anointing for I shall raise up men and women who are anointed to give to the works of various ministries.

They shall not be bound by denominations or commitment to a single group but will be charged with supplying a need wherever it arises. When they give My people will know that I have answered their prayers, even before they have uttered the request. For they shall do as I have placed in their heart. They shall be true stewards of My wealth.

Many of My people would have received what I have for them but they have not waited. They have not been patient enough to let Me teach them how to effectively manage what I have for them. They have not allowed Me to teach them to triumph over greed; how to rely on Me for their daily needs.  I will not release what I have for you when you have not allowed Me to refine your character. How can I pour new wine into old skin?

It is not My desire that you be destroyed by the gifts I have for you. Let Me teach you to live victorious lives.

Will you answer the call?

Note added January 13, 2018.

This is the time when the word is being fulfilled. God is raising up builders with the Nehemiah anointing to rebuild His Kingdom. They will not only build physically. They will also lead a revolution in evangelism. They shall build the old waste places. People shall be called into the Kingdom in droves. Many, many lives will be radically changed. They shall go forth with the fire of Elijah. To turn the heart of the people back to God.

And he will turn
The hearts of the fathers to the children,
And the hearts of the children to their fathers,
Lest I come and strike the earth with a curse. – Malachi 4:6


Updated January 13, 2018 to announce the the move of God to establish a new breed of Prophets. Prophetic builders.

Repairers of the Breach

What is the breach? A breach is the space in a wall. It is also a failure to observe a law, agreement or code of conduct. The breach we currently face is our failure to observe the commands of God. It has created a wall between us and Him.

Man was originally created to dwell in the Presence of God. We were to have daily communion with our Father and Creator. Adam did not pray to the Father. He always had immediate access to the Presence of God. The garden of Eden was a place that the Presence of God dwelt. It was sanctified to and established to maintain the glory of God. Adam dwelt in the glory. Nothing was impossible for Him. It was his guarantee of eternal life. He would communicate every day with The Father as he performed his duties.

Sin ruin that privilege. When Adam sinned he broke the law of God. He lost his authority over the earth. Sin was now able to enter the earth unchecked. On that faithful day man was separated from his Maker by a thin line. The line has since grown into a chasm.

But your iniquities have separated you from your God;
And your sins have hidden His face from you,
So that He will not hear.     –Isaiah 59:2

The distance between us and our Father has become very great. So great that the few individuals who have taken the time to consecrate themselves and paid the price to hear his voice is seen as novel. And sometimes weird. Saints and non-believers struggle to believe their encounters with the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ and/or the angels.

I am surprised that we do not accept these occurrences as our normal. Not new normal. Just normal. We are citizens of the Kingdom of God. The King, is not just our Lord, He is our Father. We are his children. A child always has access to his or her parents. A child must be able to see His Father. All good fathers will want to interact with their children. God desires to communicate with us even more than we want to speak and interact with Him. He wants to rekindle the relations that existed from the dawn of creation.

It is for this very reason that Jesus Christ was sent into the World. He came to restore mankind to our state before the fall.

In this season God is granting a increased divine encounters. He has opened the heavens. Our doctrines and belief must be adjusted to accommodate the move of God. There is a significant shift that is about to overtake the body of Christ that we have never experienced before.

Old practices that have kept us from God’s glory must be discarded. We need a change with the prophetic voices. Believers must be quickly brought to maturity. We have kept them in the state of immaturity and have blocked them from personal experiences with their Father. They must be taught be prophets of their own life. We must teach the saints to make these divine encounters their reality. God will do it because they are curious. He readily welcomes those who seek to do His will. They must also learn to walk in complete obedience to the King of Kings.

School of the Prophets

God is bring change to the Prophets. He is raising up a new breed of Prophets.

We do not have the vocabulary to adequately describe what is being done. As the plans of God unfolds we must be very sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

The Lord has called for the establishment of a school to train prophets with the anointing of Nehemiah. We have begun classes for a small number of individuals whom the Lord has chosen.

Are you interested in answering the call? Stay tuned. Another offering will be made available soon. Classes are free!

Please be watchful. The announcement will be made very soon.

Be blessed!

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