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Did You Feed Me. Did You Clothe Me.

This vision was given to me on Friday, December 16, 2011 between 4 am to 6am.  The witness of the vision came between 7:30 am to 8:20am.

The Vision

I dreamt I had gone to work but knew there would be a conflict with the Managing Director.  So I decided to enquire about her whereabouts; before deciding which entrance to take into my office.  I avoided the main entrance and headed to another entrance where I could speak with the secretary.

The secretary was seated behind a huge panel desk.  She was busy speaking into a headpiece and entering data into a computer.  As I approached her, the Managing Director came into view.

‘Mr. Dixon, I need to speak with you’, she shouted sternly, as she saw me.

She came to me and pulled me aside, to a secluded spot.  It was the foot of a vast staircase that provided entry to other floors in the building.  As she started speaking with me, she realised that a homeless lady was sitting on the entrance to the staircase.

The homeless lady was sitting in a corner to our right.  Her clothes tattered.  There were three black plastic bags on the ground beside her.  She was unaware of our presence and was busy tending to her belongings.

‘What are you doing here’, the Managing Director shouted.

‘You do not belong here’, she continued

She became furious and immediately called the guards to drag the homeless lady away.

As they dragged her away her bags fell.  The ragged T-shirt she wore rose above her bottom to her waist; exposing her bottom.  She had no underwear on.

‘She is not bothering anyone.  She can remain in the corner or somewhere else.  There is plenty of space.  No one will realize she is there’, I pleading with the security guards and the Managing Director.

However, they were not listening.  They carried her outside the compound and threw her and her belongings on the ground.

I started crying.

Just then a rage leapt up in my spirit and I begun to utter in an unknown tongue. No one understood what I was saying.  They just stared at me.

‘Depart from me.  I know you not.  When I was hungry, you did not feed me.  When I was naked, you did not clothe me’.

I woke immediately after the utterance.  My body was still reacting to the dream.  I was feeling nauseas and hot within my belly at the same time.  A fire was burning inside my spirit.

I got up went downstairs and called my confidant to relate the vision.  While I was talking on the phone the credit finished.  So I decided to go to the nearest place – the gas station – to purchase some.

 The Witness

I drove to Ritchie B, gas station, at Matilda’s Corner and purchased the credit.  As I was driving out of the gas station unto Constant Spring Road, a homeless man came up to the car.  He seemed to be about 50 years old.  He wore a black sleeveless undershirt and black jeans that was cut off at the knees.  The clothes were faded and looked dirty.  His nose had three deep long scars.  Scars may have been caused by knife wounds.  His hair was dirty, short, speckled with grays and uncombed.

‘Beg yuh a money’, the man said.

My initial reaction was to say no.  Then I heard a voice in my head command me to ‘give him’.  I reached into my pocket searched and found some coins.

As I gave him the coins, he said,’ Thanks.  Is something fi eat mi going to buy.  I am hungry. Dem nuh si dat mi hungry (they do not see that I am hungry)?  Dem nuh know dat Yahweh angry?  A day is going to come when there will be famine on the land.  People are gonna have cars and cannot drive it.  There will be no gas’.

I gave him the money.

While he spoke, his hands rested on my car.  His upper body was leaned forward.  And he stared me in the eyes.

‘Yahweh you si what is happening!  I am hungry and they will not feed me.  I need food’, he shouted with raised arms and eyes looking up to heaven.

While he spoke I felt the quickening of the Holy Spirit on me.  And the tears began to flow down my face.  I felt a deep sadness and the fire within my belly (my Spirit) that I felt during the dream.

He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches (Rev 2:17).

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  1. I left Jamaica the week after the incident with the homeless man. One month after my return the gas station was closed. This gas station has been in operation from before 1995, when I was a teenager. There has been a few ownership changes but it was ALWAYS OPEN. One year later, a new structure was erected on the same property. A brand new gas station by people who were never affiliated with it before. We must be very careful how we threat others, less the curse of the Lord come upon us. Always operate in love. Even with your enemies; especially, them.


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