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Warning! Office Attack

This is the vision given to me by the Lord on Saturday, November 19, 2011, between 6:30 pm and 10:30 pm, while I slept.

In the vision, I drove to work. The workplace was an isolated complex on a hill. Its parameter was guarded by heavily armed security guards. In the centre of the compound was a skyscraper. The exterior of the skyscraper was covered with glass.

I was cleared by the security guards. I parked my car and entered the building. All around there was an air of opulence. The workers all wore business suits and used the latest technology (tablets and desktops) to accomplish their work. Elevators and escalators took the staff to very large meeting/conference rooms and offices on each floor.

I entered an elevator. When I reached my floor, I came out of the elevator and I waved hello to everyone and received an amicable greeting in return. People were happy. Signs of success were everywhere.

Without warning, all hell broke loose! Heavily armed men crashed through the ceiling. As they descended on the workers, they fired shots everywhere. The armed guards returned the gunfire. However, they were taken down in a volley of gunshots. Workers began screaming and running everywhere and anywhere. All looking for a safe place.

Rat-a-tat-tat! Rat-a-tat-tat! The deafening sound of gunfire rang out. People hit by the bullets fell on each other, on the ground. Some twisted in agony as they took their last breath. Others died immediately.

I ran looking for somewhere to hide.

Another array of heavily armed security guards went up against the enemy but they too were killed. The enemy kept advancing. Pandemonium broke out! It was absolute chaos! People were screaming and running everywhere.

I ran into an office to find somewhere to hide. I bent down and opened a small document cabinet that contained no shelves. People were hidden in it. All cowering. Praying for deliverance. I closed the doors and ran to another cabinet. It too was filled with people, who were hiding.

I started to despair. There was no place to hide. The enemy was advancing and it seems no one could stop the enemy.

In my despair, the Holy Spirit spoke to me.

This is what He said,

“The workers are the body of Christ-the Church.  All busy working.  Going about their daily existence.  None is keeping watch for the enemy.  None is fortifying him/herself for the day when Judgement descends.  The body is weakened because there is no unity.  No coordinated front to travail against the advances of the enemy”.

He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches (Rev 2:17).

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